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When to Remove Forms from Concrete? Don’t Remove It This Early

The concrete formwork is a temporary mold that the masons construct to pour the concrete mixture according to the required dimension. This concrete formwork will hold the concrete for a particular period until it is strong enough to support itself. In this article, you will learn about when to remove forms from concrete.

When to Remove Forms from Concrete

Many people often make several mistakes when installing concrete, one of them is due to the lack of adequate knowledge they try to remove the formwork sooner. When you remove the formwork earlier, the concrete will not be strong enough therefore, you will face several issues and might have to spend on repairs. Suppose you have installed the concrete recently and trying to figure out the right time to remove forms from concrete. Then by reading this article, you will get the necessary information.

During some construction, people use permanent formworks which they don’t have to remove. In contrast, the concrete form you usually use to lay concrete is temporary, once the concrete is hard, you will have to remove the form. Many people ask when to remove forms from concrete to avoid the consequence of removing them earlier.

Although on average, you must wait a specific period before removing the form, this may change according to the climate where you reside and many other factors. Some people who do not want to delay their construction process also ask when to remove forms from concrete so that they can remove the form on time. Continue reading the article to know how long you must wait before removing the concrete formwork, the consequences that you may face by removing the form earlier, and the factors that can affect the waiting period.

What Is Concrete Formwork?

When constructing a house, like many other aspects installing concrete is also one of the crucial aspects that will make your home strong, safe, and free of leaks. You can make a cement mixture using the correct proportions of cement, sand, aggregate, and water.

Constructing the formwork is another work that you must do perfectly according to the dimension of your house. If you do not have experience constructing the concrete form, then better get the help of a mason or a person with experience. The formwork is a mold where you can pour the concrete mixture and let it harden. When the process is complete, you can remove the concrete form.

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When to Remove Forms from Concrete?

Let’s look at the ideal time to remove forms from concrete, as it will be helpful during construction. For a normal construction process, it may take around 24 to 48 hours for the concrete mixture to harden, so it will be safe to remove the formwork after that. In case you are constructing a huge building, it is better to keep the formwork for about a week as it may take around six to seven days to harden completely, and then you can remove the formwork.

So, when you must remove the formwork will vary according to the intensity of the construction work. Let’s look at when to remove forms from concrete concerning each component.

  • You can remove the form supporting the wall and vertical column after waiting 24 to 48 hours.
  • It might take around 3 to 4 days to remove the slab with props supporting the walls and the column.
  • The props you use to support the concrete slab must be there for about a week, and then you can remove them, and the soffit will also take about seven days.
  • You must remove the props that you use to support the arch or beam above 20 feet after three weeks.

Factors that will affect the Time to Remove the Concrete Form

Sometimes you might have to wait longer than the predicted time, which will change according to the factors mentioned below.

  • The weather conditions in the place residence will affect the drying period of the concrete mixture. Suppose you are living in a colder environment, and it is raining, then make sure you cover the concreter after installing. You might have to leave the formwork for some time as there will be a delay in the hardening process of the concrete mixture.
  • The intensity of the building that you are constructing may also affect the removal time of the formwork. Since you must ensure that the concrete mixture is strong enough to hold the building, removing the formwork may take a bit long.
  • Another factor that will affect the curing period of the concrete mixture is the type and the quality of the cement you are using in the construction process.
  • When you pour an excessive amount of concrete mixture, this will also affect the drying period and you might have to wait more to remove the concrete form.

These are some of the factors that may delay the removal time of the concrete form. Sometimes to make the drying process faster, the constructors might add chemicals, and these additives will quicken the drying process.

The Consequences of Removing the Concrete Form Earlier

Removing the concrete form earlier will have improper curing, which may affect the concrete. Some of the consequences you might encounter when you remove the concrete form sooner are mentioned below.

  • You might witness cracks on the concrete when you remove the form early. The concrete will sag and might sometimes collapse. The crack in the concrete may lead to water leaks, so you will have to spend on repairing these cracks. Hence it is better to remove the formwork on time.
  • When you remove the concrete from before time, the concrete will not firmly stay at its support. You may experience that concrete slumping because of the concrete’s texture, which will not be as hard enough as the solid, so it will not be hard. Hence you might witness that the concrete will not be perfect when you remove the firm early.
  • The formwork is the mold that will hold the concrete until it hardens enough, so when you remove it early, the concrete can fall, destroying the effort you put into making the formwork and laying the concrete. So, to avoid the worst scenarios, you must remove the formwork on time.

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