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How Much Does Lowes Toilet Installation Cost Now?

Knowing the qualities you want and desire is the first step in choosing a toilet. The next step is to compare the installation alternatives after reading the product description. You must immediately and affordably replace it, particularly if it has a problem. So you might be wondering about the Lowes toilet installation cost. Continue reading to see how much Lowe’s generally costs for a straightforward toilet installation.

Lowes Toilet Installation Cost

What Is Lowe’s?

Lowe’s provides installation services through independent service providers for goods such as flooring, fences, sinks, and decking. Depending upon the product, the contractor, as well as other elements, setup fees may differ significantly. Lowe’s help providers also offer free local delivery and connection to pre-existing connections for a limited number of large appliances.

How Much Does Lowes Toilet Installation Cost?

So, how much does Lowes toilet installation cost? Because Lowe’s has installation costs that are below average, it’s a wonderful place to get your new toilet installed from. While Lowe’s only charges $180 for a simple toilet installation, competing companies charge between $225 and $530 on average to install toilets.

Lowe’s is renowned for its cost-effective prices and superior goods. It is as excellent as any other home renovation business and offers significantly lower pricing without compromising quality.

For a very uncomplicated installation procedure, Lowes toilet installation cost is only $180. The majority of people that repair a toilet must perform this job. Depending on the complexity of the project, it may contain elements like:

  • plumbing problems
  • higher-end toilets
  • complex design
  • Taking out the old toilet

The cost could rise based on how detailed each one is. Bear these things in mind when picking Lowe’s to install your toilet. Lowe’s is still very likely will be able to give you a better bargain even if the price is greater than $180, regardless of any additional expenses. You will probably see a project that is much more expensive than those of other companies.

What Does The Installation Include?

The minimal minimum coverage for replacing a toilet in your home is provided by Lowe’s. The replacement toilet must be moved, installed, and the plumbing must be connected. For this fundamental project, additional effort will be needed; hence you will need to pay more. It includes when it is difficult to install the toilet, when it is essential to remove the old toilet, and when there are plumbing issues.

You will get a one-year service warranty from Lowe’s as a perk for getting your toilet fitted by them, ensuring that everything is completed correctly. If issues start to appear within a year, Lowe’s will take action to fix them immediately.

What Are The Other Issues When Installing A Toilet From Lowes?

If problems arise in a year, Lowe’s will take immediate action to fix them. You may also save money by purchasing the bathroom from Lowe’s and using their installation services.

The majority of organizations provide this deal to persuade clients to purchase their products and utilize their services concurrently. Lowe’s also offers a guarantee to ensure that all of its toilet models will perform adequately, and Lowe’s will make certain that it does if it doesn’t.

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What Is The Process Of Replacing A Lowes Toilet?

To install a new toilet in the place of the old one, a professional must first remove the old one. After that, the new toilet is sized and fitted.

Old toilet removal:

When removing an existing toilet, the tank gets removed first, followed by the bowl.

  • A sponge removes any water from the tank, the water supply is shut off, and any leftover water is stored in a bucket. Next, the nuts are unbolted, and the bowl is pulled off.
  • After wiping the water inside the bowl using a sponge, the bowl is removed by loosening the nuts and screws.
  • The surplus drainpipe flange and the old wax rings are removed using a putty knife.
  • If repairs are necessary, they are made, after which a flange is fitted.

The new toilet is inspected by a professional for the distance from the rear of the wall, the distance from the side walls, and any adjacent water pipes, as well as the general area needed by the new toilet.

New toilet installation:

The installation of a new flange is followed by the installation of the toilet.

  • New closet bolts, washers, and nuts are put first to line with the toilet.
  • Once it has softened with warm water, the wax ring is placed.
  • The toilet bowl is fitted over the closet bolts, directly down over the flange, and forcefully forced down, and the toilet is fixed with nuts and bolts once the wax ring has hardened.
  • The tank is installed, leveled, and connected to the water supply line using a rubber gasket to keep it sealed.
  • Using a screwdriver, the seat is attached after the bowl is checked for leaks, if any.

Final Thought

If you want to install the new toilet, go to Lowe’s. They will take care of every project facet, from installation to cleanup. If it suits you better, you could even have one created by their crew for $180 plus tax per unit; they don’t provide installation services outside this price range.

Make sure the details are precise if you have anything made elsewhere or online. Toilet installation is not an easy task. If you lack the necessary tools or skills, the process may not be simple or quick, but Lowe’s has covered you.

They provide installation services for a reasonable cost with discounts for loyal clients so that you won’t need any equipment. Again, due to Lowes, things run efficiently in this aspect with no costly surprises on top of a sense of security.

The most straightforward approach is to phone them first, then see which model best fits the available area before installing everything step-by-step from beginning to end, just like removing the previous bowl.

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