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How To Get Glass Out Of Garbage Disposal? Here Is The Safest Method

This article will explain How to get glass out of garbage disposal. It is common in a house to face accidents, especially in your kitchen, where you deal with very intimate objects. Breaking a glass object is a common accident we face in our household. There are many chances that these broken glass pieces could enter your garbage disposal and jam the system; this article will speak about getting the glass out of the garbage disposal.

Though the garbage disposal can grind many objects, pieces of glass are not its thing. Before we could leap into the topic and speak about how to get glass out of garbage disposal, let’s calm down and not despair!

You must calm down in a situation where the glass gets into your garbage disposal.

You might not be able to conclude at once or may not be sure of what you must do next. But what you are about to read below will help you give the solution to what you need to once find pieces of glass in your garbage disposal instead of crying over spilled milk!

How To Get Glass Out Of Garbage Disposal

What should you avoid when removing glass from the garbage disposal?

It is important to remember to consider your safety before jumping to a conclusion. When you meet with an accident, it is important to stay calm and take preventive actions to get rid of the situation. Do not try to put your hand in and remove the pieces of glass yourself.

Tools Needed To Remove Glass from the Garbage Disposal

There can be large and small pieces of glass stuck inside your vacuum cleaner, which you certainly don’t know. Hence, a few tools listed below need to remove the glass safely and reset the garbage disposal to its normal condition.

  • Gloves – A garbage disposal is where you can see the leftover food grind, and the system can be very greasy. Hence it is more hygienic to use gloves before entering the task. Moreover, using gloves is also safer than using a bare hand to remove sharp objects.
  • Old Plate – It may not be safe to remove glasses from the garbage disposal and place them on the floor or any other place. It is always wise to collect the prices of glass removed and collect it in an old plate or dish can help the situation.
  • Flashlight – You will look into a narrow system inside the garbage disposal, and the possibility of collecting every piece of glass inside without light can be tricky. It is also safe to use a flashlight while removing sharp objects, and using a flashlight can keep you away from injuries.
  • Needle Nose – pliers – You must remember before removing the glass with your bare hand to use nose pliers, and you can remove enough glass through a nose jammed in a garbage disposal.
  • Tweezers – The tweezers are used to intimately remove tiny fragments pieces of glass. This tool is used to remove elements that cannot be removed from the nose pliers.
  • Dry – wet vacuum cleaner – The vacuum cleaner is used to suck out all the missed pieces of glass.

How to Get Glass Out Of Garbage Disposal

Here is how you want to remove glass from the disposal.

Turn the power off

Consider your safety before you do anything. Handling types of machinery can be risky; hence make sure the power is off. Remove any power supply source connected to the garbage disposal and make sure you complete it in safe hands.

People have faced difficult situations while handling machinery without care, and this carelessness can end up losing a finger of yours! Hence double-check and ensure that your garbage disposal is 100% out of power before you step into the work.

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Use necessary tools to remove the glass

A list of tools has been stated and recommended above for your safety to remove the glass from the garbage disposal. The nose pliers and tweezers are used to remove the glass pieces from the garbage disposal system, while the vacuum cleaner is used to suck out all the left-out pieces.

It is also recommended to wear a pair of gloves and use a flashlight when removing the pieces of glass to avoid any kind of injuries. An old plate or a dish is asked to be used to place the removed glass so that any parts aren’t missed out.

Move the blade yourself

There can be pieces of glass jammed between the blades, which can remove only by moving the edge manually. By moving the blade manually, pieces of glasses hanging between the blades will fall out and clear the system.

Turn the blades in a slow-motion clockwise to feel any interruption. If so, turn it ant clockwise to dislodge the remaining pieces of glass.

Use cold water

Once sure that all the glass is removed from the garbage disposal unit, run cold water into the system. Avoid using hot water as the system is oil and stacked with fat which can melt and adhere to the blades.

Restart the garbage disposal

The final step to getting glass out of the garbage disposal is to turn the power back on. To make sure the garbage disposal is in good condition, we must restart it. Also, make sure it works well and is in good shape to use.


Calling a plumber is the first thing your instinct would be. But if you think that you could fix the situation yourself. The steps are simple, not far away. Though many of us believe that getting the glass out of garbage disposal can only be done by professionals, I hope this article helps you to recover from how to get the glass out of garbage disposal.

It is important to handle every tool with care putting your safety forth; before proceeding to the mission to get the glass out of the garbage disposal. Ensure the power supply is completely disconnected; then, follow every step stated above with care. You can simply save a few of your bucks instead of calling a plumber.

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