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How To Decorate Bathroom Towels – Ways To Fold Towels Elegantly

This guide will go through how to decorate bathroom towels and elements to brighten up your restroom styling. Towels with vibrant colors may brighten the mood, while naturalistic tones can get used to provide a peaceful ambience. You may even opt for a more elegant palette with golden, black, and white.

How To Decorate Bathroom Towels

If you’re searching for a method to brighten your restroom, look no further. Towels aren’t any longer merely for wiping off. You can use them for color, richness, or patterning to space as a decorating feature.

You may design a pleasant and attractive restroom that represents your particular style with some imagination. Also, you don’t require any specific equipment or talents; you need a few inexpensive supplies, some towels you own, and a touch of creativity.

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Towels seem to be the most common washroom goods. Towels of several types, including facial and bathing towels, are used to wipe the skin. Suppose you aren’t in the routine of arranging your towels. In that case, a disorganized towel stack might be the source of your restroom congestion.

But, if you keep your towels in good condition, they may serve as a beautiful element in your restroom. Even if you know that towels can get used to decorating your restroom, you might not know what to do about them. Here are several creative ways how to decorate bathroom towels.

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How To Decorate Bathroom Towels?

Towels might be the most challenging thing to get rid of when organizing your restroom. You may utilize these strategies to keep your towels organized. It would not only create your restroom appear neater, and you can even embellish it with various foldable towels.

Towel Ring

The simplest method for how to decorate bathroom towels is to get a towel ring put a towel on it. It has a trendy ornamental aspect to it and will look lovely in the sink region. One point to remember is to select a napkin ring that complements the décor of your restroom.


When it concerns designing towels, having open shelving or linen countertops in your restroom gives you a unique edge. You can bundle your bathing linen and towel and place them in the cabinet in the traditional manner. Alternatively, you might also arrange a stack of different towel rolls on the cabinet. That’s all. It’s easy, but it gives your restroom a lovely appearance.


Towels on the racks can get utilized to brighten up the restroom, which may surprise you. You could be sceptical about if towels hung on a towel rack could be used for decoration.

Use Ribbons

To begin, you’ll require several colourful and gorgeous ribbons to match your hand towels. Place your bathing towel or bathing sheet on the drying rack and wrap a sash around the outer edge. It will result in a stunning appearance. You may also layer a bathing towel over a sheet and knot them together.

Use Bouquet

Facial towels could get hung on the drying rack without being folded. Then, tie the bouquet using the twine, including the facial towels. You could match the bouquet to the colour of your linens.

Burlap Bow

Another inventive solution is to fasten a jute knot to the coat rack to hold three or four towel sets. Merely knot the jute to the coat rack and hang several ornamental items.

Basin Counter

You may also transform your towels into decorative pieces for the basin countertop. If you like to achieve this, you might have to master more advanced towel folding techniques. You may arrange your linens into a flamingo, a miniature pig, or an unusual creature.

Wall Rack

These wall-mounted linen racks can hold up to five more miniature hand towels when folded up. It is composed of solid metallic wiring with a rust-free coating. Because it mounts to the wall, it preserves significant storage in a tiny restroom.

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How to Fold Towels elegantly?

The ways of folding towels determine by how and where you display them. You may arrange your linens into various configurations to showcase on a drying rack, shelf, or cabinet. They would look lovely in your restroom.

Regular Folding

The most typical way of flipping is to bend one half above another. This procedure is effective for many towels, mainly manual and facial towels.

  • Toss out the linen to remove any creases and set it down evenly.
  • The linens are typically rectangle in shape. To use this approach, split the towel into three halves and bend both edges near the centre.
  • Once you’ve completed the last process, gently hang it on your towel hanger. Alternatively, you might fold the towel half its original width.

Roll Folding

  • You can bend square towels in half if you own one. If you want to utilize a rectangle towel, bend it half lengthwise.
  • Starting at the small side, slide the linen from one face to another. Ensure to keep the edges aligned and the rolling firm.
  • After that, you could use your linen rolls to adorn your restroom cabinets.

Bigger Towel

  • Bend a border crosswise to the centre, overlapping the broad and long sides.
  • Maintain the form by folding the linen in half width-wise.
  • Flip the fabric down and securely slide it from the plain part to the angular side.

Bottom Line

Every homeowner wishes for a pleasant, pleasant, and gorgeous restroom. Styling towels with it is a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic of your washroom. We’ve presented a selection of inventive methods to adorn your restroom using towels in this post. Features ideas for decorating your restroom with linens such that it not merely appears excellent and also conserves storage. so, we believe you appreciated it and got several decent ideas on how to update the design of your restroom.