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The washing machine has become one of the most valuable things in the house because it helps manage our busy lives. So in that case, we need to keep our washing machine clean every time. So here we will show you how to clean washing machine drain pipe correctly in different ways.

At first, you need to find the drain. Most of the time washing machine drain is placed behind the washing machine. The drain is a pipe that the machine’s hose pours into it. Most of the time machines hose is attached to the drain, or sometimes it can see that pushed inside the drain.

When I identify the drain, you need to differentiate between the drain and the hot and cold water lines. Most of the time, hot and cold water lines are smaller than the drain. Not only that there you will see red and blue colours in the hot and cold water lines.


Method #1: Clean the Trap

Take the bucket and then place it under the trap. Then unscrew the tap seal that places the bottom of the drain and removes the dirt and water. If the trap doesn’t have a seal unscrew it entirely and clean it. After that, close that trap and then reconnect it to the drain.

Method #2: Using Drain Cleaners

  • Hot Water
    Hot water can be one of the best solutions when cleaning. Because hot water can remove soap and scums with hotness, first, pour hot water into the drain slowly, and then you can run more hot water to the drain. If you use hot water when washing, the drain keeps cleaning automatically because of hot water. But it doesn’t keep clean the drain thoroughly. So you have to clean the drain at least once a week. But if you are using cold water, you need to clean the drain regularly. Because cold water doesn’t help remove soaps and scums in the drain. I winter you have to keep watching drains cleaning regularly.
  • Commercial Drain Cleaner
    You can find many different commercial drain cleaners from supermarkets or shops that sell cleaning goods. This will be the most straightforward way to clean the drain in a minor clog. But if it’s a challenging clog, this way is not suitable. Because the chemicals in these commercials drain cleaners can damage the pipes, and sometimes it will not clean the drain thoroughly. So commercial drain cleaners are best for when minor clogs of drains.

    When using commercial drain cleaners, you have to detach the drain line from the machine. When doing this, prepare to face some hot water coming out from the machine.

    When pouring the product into the drain, do it directly to the drain. Before that, remember to read package instructions carefully. Follow the instructions and pour the product slowly and directly into the drain. Do not forget to leave the product only minutes that product instructions say. Because if you let the
  • White Vinegar – Will vinegar unclog a washing machine drain?
    Mix two cups of water with white vinegar in a frying pan. Boil this mixture and pour it slowly down the drain. You will see its fizzing, and as soon as fizzing stop pouring the drain with hot water.
  • Boiling water with Baking Soda
    Another way is using boiling water with baking soda. Take a bucket and mix a packet of baking soda. After mixing, pour the mixture directly and slowly into the drain. After a few minutes, pour some water into the drain to check to drain.

Method #3: Using A DRAIN SNAKE

Drain snakes for washing machine drain pipe cleaner

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Using a drain snake is another way to remove the scum from the drain. First, remove the trap from the drain insert the drain snake into the drain. Then go further as long as you can go. Then when you reach the blockage, turn around the drain snake inside the drain and back and forth to release the blockage.

Method #4: Using a High-Pressure Cleaner

A high-pressure cleaner is another way to clean the drain. But when using this, it will be possible only with a special accessory called a sewer hose. Mount the sewer hose with high-pressure cleaner and insert it into the drain. The spray water through the drain until the blockage is flushed away.

After Cleanup:
Remember to reconnect the hose after cleaning the drain. Make sure to check twice that the drain and hose are connected correctly.


How to Clean Drain Pipe in “LG” Washing Machine?


  1. Open the hose plug of the machine, which is used for the removal of residual water.
  2. Clean and hose and reconnect the hose.
  3. Turn on the power and then select Rinse and Spin.
  4. Check that water is coming into the detergent drawer.
  5. Then check that the drain hose is kinked or clogged.
  6. Clean and straighten the drain hose.
  7. Then, water drains while spinning through the drain hose.
  8. If the drain hose is installed as a curved shape, the remaining water in the hose will create a block or freeze.

How to Clean Drain Pipe of “Samsung” Washing Machine?


  1. By pressing in on the cover of the pump filter access panel, it will open.
  2. Prepare to drain the water by locating the rubber drain pipe.
  3. By twisting the top of the drainpipe while holding it, you can remove it.
  4. Because the cap forms an airtight seal, removing it might be difficult, so apply some elbow grease.
  5. Drain the water after removing the cap.
  6. Remove the washer pump filter by twisting it counterclockwise once all the water has Been Drained.

How to Clean Drain Pipe in “IFB” Washing Machine?


  1. Clean and inspect the filter.
  2. If necessary, check and put the drain pipe within 1 meter or ground level.
  3. The drain hose should be cleaned and straightened.



The washing machine drain is the place where we should keep clean always. Because if we do not care about cleaning the drain, it will block and be easy to clean. So the best thing is to keep cleaning the drain every time with simple and easy ways, then you will not face challenging problems of blocks of washing machine drain.

FAQ – How to clean washing machine drain pipe?

How to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine Drain Pipe?

If the sewage stench is coming from the washing machine, washing it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and getting inside and wiping down and in between cracks with a vinegar/water solution should be enough to remove it.

How To Clean Clogged Washing Machine Drain Pipe?

Fill a basin or a bucket with boiling water and a package of baking soda to unclog a clogged drain. Detach the drain pipe from your washing machine and use a funnel to slowly pour the water down the drain. Wait for a few minutes before pouring water into it to see if it continues to drain.

How to Clean Sludge from Washing Machine Drain Pipe?

Use salt and hot water to unclog narrow pipes clogged with laundry detergent soap. Twelve cups salt, poured down the slow-moving drain Bring 2 litres of water to a boil. After that, pour the hot water slowly into the drain cautiously. After that, flush with hot water.

Where Is The Drain Pipe On A Washing Machine?

The drain hose and two separate hoses for cold and hot water delivery usually sit on the washer’s back. The drain hose drains the machine’s wastewater, while the hot and cold water supply hoses bring clean water in.