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Cleaning an Air duct is one of the most acceptable ways to ensure that your home’s atmosphere is free of toxins and allergens. There are millions of allergens in your home’s that might irritate your respiratory system. In addendum to saving you money on heating and air conditioning, cleaning your air flues will also help. So, keep reading for some helpful hints for how to clean air ducts in apartment.

Clean your HVAC ducts regularly every six months to ensure the system operates efficiently. Additionally, you can seek professional assistance from HVAC shops. Alternatively, if you are familiar with the techniques, you can do it alone.

Here’s What You Need

  • Heavy-duty vacuum
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Broom
  • Screwdriver



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  • The switch is most easily located in the circuit breaker box. Switch off the power to that room (if equipped with a panel) or unhook it from the wall outlet.
  • Close any shutoff valves on your HVAC unit.
  • If your air vents are placed outside, cut off the building’s main power supply.
  • You cannot take the chance that power will be restored while working.
  • Additionally, it is prudent to verify that the fire department has been alerted of the emergency.

02. Remove the Cover and Groom the Air Vent of Any Debris

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  • Remove the screws on either side of the cover to remove it. You will need a screwdriver for this procedure.
  • Clear any dirt and sweep the area within and around it after removing the cover.
  • The most necessary thing is to entirely sweep the spots closest to the furnace’s air intake.
  • You can use Steel wool if there is a lot of crud in one region, such as the end cap. In addition, copper scrubbing pads are an excellent choice.
  • Whenever possible, opt for water-based cleaning products. Chemical cleaners might harm your heating and air-conditioning system.
  • Keep an eye out for any accumulated dust or grime on the louvers. Dirt and dust can quickly build in these areas.

03. Dust the Air Duct with a Vacuum Cleaner or a Brush Exterior

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  • After finishing the inside next step is to groom the outside.
  • Improving cleanliness in these locations can also assist in minimizing allergies.
  • Using a brush attachment, vacuum up any loose particles.
  • You can even utilize a soft cloth and your hand as an alternative.
  • Use steel wool or copper scrubbing pads for stubborn dirt. Use a water-based cleaning with them.
  • Keep the vacuum head a few inches away from the flues to avoid clogging them when vacuuming.
  • Keep any metal parts you’re cleaning in place by squeezing them firmly with your other hand.
  • You won’t bear to stress about hurting the paint if you clean from this distance. In addition, your grout lines are protected.
  • Remember to use a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner as well. Even the tiniest dust particles are able to pass through the filter.
  • Allergy sufferers, such as those with asthma, should avoid inhaling these particles.
  • Before utilizing brushes, sponges, or any other equipment, make sure to switch out any filters.

04. Remove Any Dust That Has Built Up Between Coils

  • Air vents can malfunction if dust collects between the coils.
  • You will need a vacuum cleaner or brush to complete this procedure.
  • Accumulating dust could make your air vent less effective in extreme circumstances. It is because dust accumulates on the fins, preventing them from effectively circulating air.
  • As a result, this part of the appliance becomes heated and filthy over time.
  • Dust on coils can remove with a vacuum cleaner by sweeping or brushing them off.
  • To clean the coil’s surface and the surrounding crevices, attach the hose attachment.
  • Before tidying, make sure to switch the filter to catch any dust that may have slipped through the system.
  • Avoid re-inflating dust by closing the door when vacuuming. If you’re going to clean the floor afterwards, it’s okay.
  • It would be soundest to employ a revolving brush vacuum for the best results.
  • It will help loosen the dirt so that it may be readily tidied up.

05. Replace the Covers for the Air Vents

  • After finishing your cleaning procedures, replace the vent covers correctly.
  • As a safeguard, be confident that you have revised all of your lids, rather than just a handful.
  • When replacing front grille panels, you will need screws. In contrast to other pieces, the panels do not simply press into place.
  • Do not allow any debris to pass through any apertures on either side.
  • Your aviation event could suffer if you leave any gaps in your security measures.
  • It’s time to twist up with a movie after you’ve replaced the air vent covers. There are no complicated steps involved in completing this task.

Importance of Cleaning Your Apartment Air Ducts

  1. Improved Air Quality
  2. Prevents Health Problems
  3. Minimizing the system repairs
  4. Long-Lasting
  5. Efficient HVAC System


Cleaning your apartment’s air vents makes cleaning easier. It allows your heater to operate more efficiently. The quality of air in your flat will also improve. The best part is that you can do it yourself if you know the essentials. Cleaning an air vent is simple and takes less than 15 minutes per system. If you only want to cleanse one unit, make sure you scrub them all because they are connected. If you can’t do it, you can hire a professional. But a pro will usually perform a better job than you.


Is there a way to tell if my air ducts require cleaning?

If you notice mould, dust, or rodents in your ducts, it’s time to have them cleaned out.

What happens if your air ducts are not cleaned?

Mould and mildew thrive in unclean air ducts. It can wreak havoc on a home’s air quality, resulting in illnesses and even death.

What is the most effective approach for cleaning air ducts?

The Power Vacuum or Air Sweep method is one of the most effective ways to clean an air duct. However, because this is a tiresome task, it is advisable to delegate it to a professional.

Air duct cleaning costs how much?

It varies according to the size of the house and the number of ducts it consists of. The price ranges from $300 to $500, with each vent costing on average $35.

How long does it take to clean air ducts in an apartment?

A crew of at least two technicians needs two to four hours to thoroughly clean the air duct system of a typical single-family residence.