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9 Excellent Bedroom Layout Ideas for Rectangular Rooms


Every house has unique characteristics that make it special. They all have in common; most apartments built today will be rectangular, which most designers believe is good. When working with rectangular rooms, you have more options for layouts than when working with other types. Undoubtedly, designing bedrooms presents its own set of challenges. What is important is how to create a structure that works properly. By this, we are helping you to have some bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms.



If you have a small bedroom, the most important thing to remember is to arrange the furniture appropriately. In the best-case situation, you only have space for a bed and a nightstand.
So, you can design your furniture according to the dimensions of your space, and you won’t have to worry about overcrowding.

  • Maintain a simple layout
  • Do not be afraid to go dark, but make sure there’s plenty of light
  • Leave the Shrunken Nightstands
  • Make the Space Illusion
  • Remove Clutter
  • Bring the Outside In by Giving Your Bed a Second Job
  • Mounted lights are preferable to table and floor lamps.
  • Choose decor that can serve two functions.

It means all cabinets and shelves should extend up to and beyond that point (the ceiling). With the help of light, you may also create the illusion of a square compartment. To accomplish this, we use the above chandelier and wall-mounted spotlights. All cabinets and shelves should be set as high as possible to maximize storage space. By using lights, we can create a square space aesthetically.

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In a place with a small size, drapes with a large design are ideal for the windows. In addition, you should get rid of a lot of wall paintings and photos. If possible, leave the walls unobstructed and unpainted, as this considerably improves the amount of scope. Minimalist cabinets without legs are a great way to maximize space and save money. Everything in a compact chamber should be functional and create the appearance of a vast area, so it’s best to leave out the extraneous decor.


Limited wall space means you’ll have to get creative with your furniture placement to make your rectangular bedroom feel like a calm and clean refuge where you can relax. The good news is that we could come up with many excellent bedroom design ideas for you.

01. The Classic

The bed pushes up against a wall, with a nightstand on either side of the bed. Most people keep their clothing in a chest of drawers or a dresser on the other side of the bed. If there’s enough room, a shelf can locate near a headstand.

02. The Space Saver

As an alternative, consider storing all of your Clutter in dresser drawers. And keep it in the corner of the bed. As there are no nightstands, you won’t have to deal with the debris on your nightstand every day. This chamber design focuses on minimizing furnishings and decreasing Clutter around the area. As long as you have extra floor space in your home or a walk-in closet, you can benefit from this option.

03. Mirrored Minimalism

To start, you have a sophisticated bedside duo that contains decorative items on the table. The other side of the bed, on the other hand, has a mirror that stands on its own. While the mirror can add a touch of whimsy to a bedroom, its primary function is to make dressing a breeze. To keep excess linens in the arrangement, we can use Woven baskets.

04. The Lounge-Bedroom Look

You might think this appearance is rougher than others, and you are right. This one is equipping for guests when it comes to sleeping arrangements. We can keep two chairs fronting the bed as an ornament. Also, it can use as a place to put your purse or for additional seating if you need it. Accordingly, for the primary purpose, the area is not occupied with dressers or storage facilities. We can set a fireplace to give our guests a friendly environment.

05. Storage in the Back

We can set this style to maximize floor space while maintaining elegance. Installing a giant wall of shelves with glass cases behind the bed gives this a fresh look. Adding an accent wall and twin side tables to this gives it a new look.

06. Shelves Aplenty

You may require more space than a nightstand can provide. There are many more shelves in this space. We can use a lot of frames to minimize the bulkiness caused by a lot of Clutter. It may sound like a brilliant idea to use shelves to line your walls, and it is possible to do. Always give your shelves some breathing scope now and then. In that case, it will look more like a storehouse closet than a bedroom.

07. Keep It Simple

There are times when the most straightforward plan is the most effective. As a minimalist who enjoys vast open spaces, this is an attractive option for you to consider. In this Scandinavian alternative Bed, two bedside tables and a chest of drawers are the only elements in the design. Having the correct plants and a friendly, open airflow is all that’s left to do.

08. Corner Pocket

Many layouts include a bed in the center, shoved against the wall, and we have seen different them so far. A modest workplace in your bedroom is significant. We can push the bed into a corner while creating ample space for to rest of it. Next to the bed are some cubbies for convenient access to items, and then a desk follows. It is a fantastic technique to transition from resting to working quickly and easily.

09. Sofa Bed Nooks

Not all bedrooms require a bed to be present. There are times when you need a daybed to take up a corner of your bedroom. Your bed should be the most crucial piece of furniture in your room. To maximize the space in this tiny space, the designer installed a full daybed/sofa bed. There is a small stand close to the Mattress. It appears that there is some storage underneath the bed.

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