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Bathtub Paint Is Peeling Off? Reasons And Solutions Discussed

You are in a heavenly relaxation in your bathtub with the healing smell of your favorite bath bomb. By chance, you see that bathtub paint is peeling off at a hidden corner of your tub, making a patch. The whole mood will swing, and you will be all mixed up. The relaxing hour will end terribly.

If you are reading this after that horrific finding in your spa tub at the beginning, we are pleased to say there is nothing much to worry about! The world has got some handy remedies before coming to the replacement stage. If your bathtub paint is peeling off, you do not need to spend for a new one always.

In this article, we are going to give you a clear explanation of the things that you can do to renovate your tub earlier to enjoy your shower without making it much more severe.

Bathtub Paint Is Peeling Off

Why Bathtub Paint Is Peeling Off?

In order to go for the remedies; it is better to understand the cause of it. Some make common mistakes when handling a bathtub and end up in similar situations. These reasons vary from technical errors to cases of carelessness. Check whether you did things like the below when you have a shower.

Mistakes in Refinishing

Refinishing or reglaze is the process that makes a damaged tub looks like a just-bought one at the end of a serial process that includes sanding, repairing, and adding a new paint coat. The speciality is that here the used tub is used as the undercroft. A perfectly done reglazing will last approximately about 10-15 years.

Let’s look into some common mistakes.

  • Unsuitable chemicals
  • Presence of residuals when applying the paint.
  • When the coating is applied at a temperature lower than the dew point. – Dew point is calculated by using the humidity and the temperature in the surrounding. The bathtub surface must have a 5°F or more degrees than this dew point. If the surface is less than the dew point, then whether the coating is applied correctly, it will not be attached to the tub properly.
  • The leftovers of hydrofluoric acid are used in preparing the tub surface due to improper rinse.

This process will cost you something around $350-$1000. The cost is parallel to the damages that exist. Refinishing can be done as a home project where you will have no expenditure for the labor cost. But if you are not sure you can handle the situation, do call a technician before making a massive mess on your own. If you could do the refinishing on your own, the budget would be nearly $300. If you already have the required utensils with you, this price will be lesser.

Neglected Tiny Damages

When you accidentally dropped some heavy thing on the tub, and if it makes a crack, then it is the beginning of a disaster. But it becomes a disaster if only untreated. Avoid collisions of metallic showers, large shampoo bottles, etc. on the surface of the tub. Do not take any crack or damage harmless as the water may enter through that invisible holes and will start peeling off.


The higher the age is, the higher the risk of peeling. A bathtub has a lifetime and must be refinished according to the instructions. The aging will speed up if the place is directly exposed to sunlight, rain, high heat, etc. Material is also one of the main facts in deciding the age of your bathtub.

If you have passed the recommended period of doing the refinish, sometimes it will not be even covered with remedies and will make you buy a new one.

What To Do When Your Bathtub Paint is Peeling Off?

Refinishing and relining are the two things we can do when our bathtub paint is peeling off, before going to the final decision, replacing.

Generally refinishing is less costly than relining. We have discussed the expected budget for a refinishing project above in this article. Another plus point with this method is the less time-consuming. You will not have to excuse your neighbor’s shower for a long time if you choose to go with this. If it is urgent, reglazing (refinishing) will suit you.

If you have similar experience refinishing could be done on your own with aid available in the market. Do it-yourself refinishing kit or DIY touch-up kit (for minor damages) can be used here. Be careful with the cleanliness and the temperature of the surface, as we discussed in a previous paragraph.

How Many Times Can A Bathtub Be Refinished?

The answers are controversial to this question. Some say it is only one time you can go for a refinishing while others determine that if the tub is in its original shape; refinishing could be done more than once.


Relining is the process where bathtub liners are placed on the old tub and attached by a chemical substance. These are molded by PVC, acrylic, or solid surface polymer. Acrylic is the most famous option.

A relining will cost you nearly $ 1700- $ 2500 amount together with the installation fee.

Problems arise when the relining hasn’t been done by using a proper attachment. It will result in water leakage. If such happens, you will need to remove the tub liner and install it again. Therefore, the task must be done by a reputed company or a technician.


If things do not work out for the damage, you will have to go for the last option. Remember to take good care of your new tub from the beginning if you have ruined it carelessly.

As a whole

Bathtub paint is peeling off due to many reasons, and we have covered those in this article. Taking precautions will save your precious tub until its complete lifetime. Be sure to do regular cleanings without using highly corrosive detergents. Do the refinishing at the exact time without delay.

Refinishing is friendlier for your economy and sometimes would last about 20 years with a proper installation and handled with care.

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