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5 ideal Outdoor Stair Lights you can find in 2021

Outdoor Stair Lights

We want to help you choose the best outdoor stair lights in this post, which is exactly why you came to this page in the first place. As a result, we’ve studied and featured the best of these lights for illuminating and designing steps and stairways in this article.

Outdoor Stair Lights

So first, a few hints on stair lights:

  • Step lights can be used both indoors and out. So make certain you receive the right ones.
  • On outdoor stairways, only use waterproof lights.
  • If you’re replacing old lights, double-check the dimensions before purchasing.
  • Outdoor solar stair lights are your live option if you’re seeking a cost-effective approach to lighting your staircase. Outdoor solar stair lights are all the major trends; they’re not only a great way to brighten up your home, but they’ll also save you money month after month.

However, you might be interested to know that we considered all of the important outdoor lighting elements during our selection process. Furthermore, you may not need to conduct any additional investigation to find your ideal outdoor stair lights.

Here are our best recommendations, if you’re ready to check over them:

01. Hykolity Low Voltage Outdoor LED Landscape Stair Lights

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As the name implies, this low-voltage light can be used on stairs, decks, gardens, and other surfaces. It works well for enhancing and illuminating corridors, stairways, and other such areas. This light is also long-lasting and resistant to the weather. In hot heat, it can withstand temperatures of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and in cold weather, it can withstand temperatures of up to 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have all of the necessary accessories, installation isn’t difficult. This light, however, does not include all of the mounting accessories, so you’ll have to buy them separately. Because most other lights come with installation equipment, you may choose to consider this a downside.

Apart from that, the lamp functions admirably, and the design may offer additional colors to your home’s decor. According to the manufacturer, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

02. Warm Light Outdoor Solar Stair Lights

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This solar stair light choice may be the one you’re looking for if you’re seeking reliable outdoor solar step lights. Even for beginners, these are simple to put up. Just make sure they’re in places where they can absorb direct sunlight. All you have to do is turn on the “auto” position to enable them to work in automatic mode.

This variant is extremely long-lasting. It has a weatherproof stainless steel case, a polycrystalline silicon solar panel, and a low self-discharge Ni-MH battery. This solar step light is dependable because it may be used for a variety of purposes.

The warm lighting on this model is soft. It gives off just the right amount of warm light to accent and brightens your outdoor space. Its clean, sleek, and water-resistant design will appeal to you. Wherever it is mounted, this solar step light will appear accessible.

This solar light for the outdoors comes with a 12-month warranty, making it a risk-free purchase. Traditional glass light bulbs are less durable than LEDs. They’re also more efficient in terms of energy. These are excellent additions, particularly for individuals who require more lighting for the staircase.

03. LEONLITE 120V Dimmable Outdoor LED Stair Lights

Outdoor Stair Lights
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Lighting and decor are the main purposes of step or stair lights. These lights include all of the characteristics you’ll need to design and brighten your stairs, steps, basement, and other areas for either purpose.

It’s a long-lasting light that’s also dustproof and waterproof. This means it won’t be damaged easily by rain or dust. It includes a regular dimming feature that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to match the weather or your mood. Most dimmers are compatible with it, so you should be able to find one quickly.

This light comes with all of the necessary installation tools, making the job a breeze. You may directly replace your old step lights with this one if their dimensions are within 4.33 inches (L) x 2.2 inches (W) x 2.8 inches (H).

Altogether, this stair lamp adds beauty to your home by providing soft, warm lighting. It has received ETL certification, indicating that it is safe to use. You can use this light indoors as well, but keep in mind that it is 120V, which may cause interior rooms to become too hot. The voltage can be reduced by using the dimming option.

04. JACKYLED Outdoor Solar Stair Lights

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Without question, we all favor solar-powered outdoor stair lights that provide us with longer battery life and faster charging. But, unfortunately, these outdoor solar stair lights must be recharged for around 6 to 8 hours before being used for eight to ten hours.

A 2V 120MA wider polycrystalline silicon solar panel powers these solar step lights. Three high-quality LEDs are included in each solar light. They do, in fact, come with Ni-Mh AAA 1000mAh replaceable batteries. To activate the automated mode function of this solar lighting gadget, press the on/off button.

They are heavy-duty enough to withstand diverse climatic conditions and are made with top-quality lamp shells and stainless steel material. They are suited for harsh outdoor applications due to their IP44 waterproof rating. In addition, the visible bright light they emit on numerous outdoor locations will undoubtedly wow you.

05. DBF 30 LED Outdoor Waterproof Solar Stair Lights

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This may be the best option if you like solar-powered step lights. The enhanced solar panel that traps the vital energy to power the batteries is one feature you could like about the lights. When ultimately charged, the built-in rechargeable battery can power the lights for more than 8 hours.

Furthermore, the lights have a built-in sophisticated light sensor that switches on the light automatically when it gets dark. Thus, you can use the lights on patios, decks, fences, walks, and other such areas in addition to steps.

These lights are also waterproof (IP65 waterproof rating), so you can rest easy when it rains. When exposed to rain or snow, your lights will not turn off, and the fixture will not corrode. They are, of course, rust and oxidation-resistant. The lights, however, are weather-sensitive, and illuminating time may be reduced during rainy or cold weather. To restore illumination time, make sure the lights receive enough sunlight.

And these are easy to install because they don’t require any hardwiring. Only the screws on the mounting surface need to be driven in. Install them where they will get enough direct sunshine for optimal lighting.

How to Install Outdoor Stair Lights

Step 1: Create a lighting plan.

Mark the approximate places of any fixtures in the ground with little flags or pencils before installing them. On your sketch, note the locations and the fixture types that will be used at each one. Make rough measurements as you travel about the property to show the distances between fixtures and the transformers, as well as between the fixtures themselves.

Step 2: Figure out how long the wires will go.

The problem now is to figure out how to power the lights. Run the low voltage wire from light to light, starting with the one farthest from the transformer. Each stair light should have a 6-inch wire loop.

Step 3: Line up the wires’ polarities.

One black wire will be smooth, while the other will be ribbed with white letters. To make a tight connection, twist the wire ends together and secure them with watertight wire nuts. Next, wrap the wire connector in electrical tape.

Step 4: Place the transformer in its proper location.

Make sure you read your transformer’s directions before proceeding. The on/off switch must be turned off. With the help of mounting brackets, secure the transformer in the chosen area. After that, connect the wires. Make sure the photo-eye sensor is facing the sun.

Step 5: Make sure the light is working correctly.

The transformer should be plugged into a wall outlet. Turn it on and check the lighting. If necessary, set the timer. Remove the transformer from the circuit breaker. Attach the top cap to the wire with care, being careful not to screw it into it.

Where to Buy Outdoor Stair Lights


Amazon has an extensive range of Outdoor step lights to choose from. Prime eligible items come with free shipping and returns.


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