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40 Christmas Party Themes That Are Sure to Make Your Guests Excited

Christmas Party Themes That Are Sure to Make Your Guests Excited
Everyone is trying to find the ideal white elephant gift, the best Christmas cookie recipe, and, of course, unique Christmas tree decorations or a fake Christmas tree at this time of year. However, in the thick of all of your holiday preparations, likely, you haven’t given much thought to Christmas party themes. Christmas necessitates a party, and coming up with a realistic theme to get your guests in the holiday spirit is no easy task.

Make your Christmas party as engaging and exciting as possible this year by choosing a distinctive theme that’s easy to complete. You can throw a party to show off your friends’ holiday cocktail-making abilities, invite your closest pals over for a festive brunch, or keep it simple with a quiet evening of s’mores by the fire. There is also a slew of inventive ideas for entertaining the youngsters in your life, such as gingerbread home decorating, Christmas storytime, or a fondue-making party. Also, don’t forget about an elegant but enjoyable get-together with your friends.

Consider how you may take your Christmas party to the next level this year now that the holiday season is in full swing. Even if you’re not hosting a physical zoom party, the correct theme might work just as well.
Are you ready to begin organizing your next party? Check out our picks for the best Christmas party themes, which are sure to be better than another ugly holiday sweater gathering.

#01 Mini Tree Decorating Party as the Christmas Party Theme

Gather your spare Christmas decorations, ribbon, and garland for a fun afternoon of decorating little Christmas trees.

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#02 Holiday Card Party as the Christmas Party Theme

Although it’s relatively easy to get some inventive store-bought cards these days, there’s still time to go above and beyond for Christmas. Invite your friends to design their own holiday cards using a variety of festive embellishments, including washi tape, colored yarn, and buttons.

#03 Toy Shopping as the Christmas Party Theme

When you were a kid, remember how much fun it was to go to the store and buy toys for the holidays? To create a toy shopping day with friends, tap into that same degree of enthusiasm. Then, toss your haul to a local charity.

#04 Dinner Recipe Showdown as the Christmas Party Theme

Request that your closest buddies prepare their favorite supper recipe for everyone to sample. Vote for the finest meal and present the winner with a special gift to celebrate the enjoyable night.

#05 Letter Writing Party as the Christmas Party Theme

Nothing beats receiving a handwritten letter from someone you care about, especially around the holidays. Set aside time with a few pals to write letters to key persons in your lives. While you’re doing it, don’t forget to decorate the postal envelopes as well!

#06 Donut Decorating as the Christmas Party Theme

Invite some buddies over for a doughnut decorating party since you can never have enough sweets. They aren’t even going to consider their favorite Christmas cookie recipe.

#07 Candle-Making Session as the Christmas Party Theme

Organize a holiday candle-making workshop with your decor-obsessed buddies. To keep on track, make sure you have holiday-themed essential oils on your hands, such as peppermint and cinnamon.

#08 Brunch-mas as the Christmas Party Theme

Why not start the day with a Christmas feast for breakfast? Invite your friends over for some decadent brunch recipes (Strawberry Cheesecake Flapjacks).

#09 Wreath Making Party as the Christmas Party Theme

Do you have a talented group of people on your hands? Make festive wreaths for your front doors with your friends and family.

#10 Christmas Tea Party as the Christmas Party Theme

The holidays aren’t only about dinner parties. It’s also possible to have a holiday tea party with friends and family. Invite visitors to dress up for the occasion and enjoy cups of hot tea as well as little snacks.

#11 Fireside Hangout as the Christmas Party Theme

Summer campfires aren’t the only place to enjoy s’mores! Make a warm fire in your fireplace and indulge in some indoor s’mores.

#12 Christmas Gift Cast-Off as the theme of the Christmas party

Every year, you’ll almost certainly receive a gift that you wouldn’t buy for yourself. One of your buddies, on the other hand, might really enjoy it. Set up a White Elephant exchange in which everyone proudly re-gifts one of the things they got this year (only make sure the original giver knows no one in the group!).

#13 Fondue for a Few as the Christmas Party Theme

Is there a better way to stay warm on a chilly day than by dipping your favorite meals in hot cheese and chocolate? No way, we believe. Make some homemade fondue pots using a fondue pot (you can also do mini individual fondue pots).

#14 Ladies Night as the theme of the Christmas party

Let’s be honest: the holiday season may be stressful. Get together with your closest friends for a night of relaxation, wine, music, and homemade face masks.

#15 Holiday Talent Show as the theme of the Christmas party

Do you possess a hidden skill? Display it off with a spontaneous talent show, complete with Christmas tunes. Don’t forget the reindeer headbands and Santa hats.

#16 Christmas Characters as the Christmas Party Theme

Halloween isn’t the only occasion for a costume party. Santa, Santa’s elves, Scrooge, or even a busy working woman who falls in love with a town infatuated with Christmas (hello, Hallmark Christmas movies!) are all characters that are easily identifiable and easy to duplicate.

#17 Reverse Christmas in July as the theme of the Christmas party

Christmas in July, a midsummer occasion to celebrate with some yuletide enthusiasm, is well-known among beachgoers. By heating the hot tub and playing The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album, you can bring that summer vacation vibe to your holiday getaway. Guests should wear their most festive swimsuits to the party!

#18 “12” Days of Dip as the theme of the Christmas party

In any case, the appetizers are the most enjoyable part of the meal. For this relaxed take on a typical potluck, invite your pals to bring their favorite chip dip. You can also try a variety of delicious, low-calorie meals.

#19 Ho Ho Ho-down is the theme of the Christmas party

Who says Santa hats and cowboy boots don’t go together? Play these country Christmas songs for a country spin on your conventional Christmas party, and your guests will be line dancing all night.

#20 Christmas Pajama Party is the theme of the party

A good Christmas party does not necessitate high heels and Spanx. In your coziest PJs, invite your girls over for a night of wine and Christmas movies.

#21 Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire as the Party Theme

One thing Nat King Cole was correct about is that there is something special about roasted chestnuts around the holidays. They’re also a nutritious treat because they’re high in Vitamin C. This Christmas season, try roasting your own with friends (though they’re also wonderful pre-roasted).

#22 Christmas Cookie Swap as the theme of the party

You’re invited to these every year for a reason. Bake everyone’s favorite holiday cookie the night before, then gather up to exchange them. It’s the ideal opportunity to experiment with fresh Christmas cookie recipes.

#23 DIY Christmas Ornaments as the theme of the party

Over a bottle of wine and some delicious nibbles, turn one of your basic, old tree decorations into something significant by personalizing it with your pals.

#24 Gingerbread House Contest as the theme of the party

In a friendly gingerbread house-making competition, show off your gumdrop decorating skills. If you’re seeking motivation, some of these homes go above and above.

#25 Carol-oke for Christmas

You may have all of the excitement of caroling without bothering your neighbors. Rent a room at your local karaoke bar and spend the night singing along to these Christmas songs.

#26 Pet Party as the theme of the party

Why should our four-legged pals be left out of the fun? You and your pet-parent friends may dress up your dog for what could be the cutest party ever.

#27 Worst Present Party as the theme of the party

At this gift exchange, you won’t feel envious of anyone’s gifts. A hilariously poor gift exchange will make your pals giggle. Who can make the strangest choice?

#28 Cocktails for Christmas as the party theme

With this light and fun cocktail hour party, mix martinis and mistletoe. You make a Dirty Snowman, a Cranberry Mimosa, or another festive drink for your guests. After all, who doesn’t like Eggnog?

#29 Hot Cocoa Exchange as the party theme

Everyone prepares hot chocolate differently, so a hot chocolate potluck is a great way to try out your friends’ variations.

#30 Reindeer Games as the theme of the party

Your usual game night may be transformed into a holiday-themed game night with a few little tweaks. Reindeer Toss or Pin, the Nose on the Snowman, are two games we recommend.

Aside from the standard “simply add water” variety, there are a variety of fascinating tastes to try.

#31 Christmas Movie Marathon as the theme of the party

Nothing beats curling up in front of a Christmas movie. Invite your friends to dress comfortably for a holiday movie marathon with Christmas classics and an infinite supply of delicious treats.

#32 That’s a Wrap! Party Theme

One of those vexing but unavoidable holiday jobs is wrapping presents. Make it more enjoyable by bringing some friends over to chat and wrap while you’re all together.

#33 A Christmas Story as the Party Theme

Christmas is, after all, a season of generosity. Invite attendees to contribute their favorite Christmas-themed children’s book, which will subsequently be donated to a local school, daycare, or library.

#34 Christmas in Vegas as the party theme

Host a Las Vegas-themed party with card games and prizes if your guests enjoy trying their luck. Just don’t put any money down on any Christmas gifts.

#35 Ice Skating Adventure as the theme of the party

This one doesn’t require you to be Adam Rippon to enjoy it. Put on your skates and make a reservation for you and your buddies at your local ice rink.

#36 Beers and Cheers as the theme of the party

Try organizing a local pub crawl for your friend group if you don’t have the space to host or simply don’t want to clean up afterward.

#37 Holiday Trivia as the theme of the party

Dividing your friends into teams and seeing who can name all of Santa’s reindeer will test their Christmas expertise (or determine what “Jingle Bells” was first written about).

#38 Christmas Lights Tour as the Party Theme

There’s always that one neighbor whose Christmas lights outshine everyone else’s. Take your pals on a tour of the most spectacularly extravagant Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Consider renting a car or limo if you really want to make it memorable.

#39 Après-Ski Party as the Party Theme

So you weren’t able to visit the Alps this year? That’s fine; with a few finishing touches like faux-fur rugs and blankets, rustic wooden serving dishes, and a roaring fireplace, you and your Fair Isle sweater-wearing visitors will feel as if they’ve just stepped off the slopes.

#40 Favorite Things as the theme of the party

Request that your friends list a couple of their favorite items, and then get together for a pollyanna swap. You’ll come away with something great while also learning more about your friends’ hobbies.

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